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How to install Dashcam in Vehicle?

If you have recently purchased your first dashcam, or maybe wondering how the camera will be installed in your vehicle, car or truck, you may be pleased to know that installation is rather quick and straight forward. This method is also known as the ‘plug and play’ method whereby the dashcam will use the vehicle’s interior cigarette jack to be utilised as a power source to turn the dash camera on and off. If done…

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Dashcams and Police Use

We are now living in the digital era whereby everything we say and do in the pubic (and private) arena is captured by a camera. Every person with a portable mobile device is equipped with a camera and every street corner camera affixed to some discreet fixture is recording our every movement. The recording of video is at times pivotal to serve as a evidential source to help establish and identify those responsible for committing…

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