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DashCam Captures Malicious Damage

At some stage of our lives we would of come across those people who have utilised and deliberately taken advantage of the visitor parking bay of a townhouse or apartment complex. Visitor bays are reserved for well.. guests, temporary visitors and not residents. What better way to vent your frustration then to covertly damage those vehicles by leaving a nasty message? Well this particular resident in Canada did just exactly that!. What he didn’t realise…

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Christmas Promotion

Once again we approach the end of another year. We like to thank our respective customers who have supported us in 2012. To date, we have achieved many goals and will continue to develop and expand within the space of high tech, sports and automotive cameras. We have consistently strived to build an excellent reputation with our consumers, and those in the corporate, public and private sector. We are committed to providing the latest and…

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