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The love for Russians and Dash Cams

Time and time again do we come across news articles and youtube videos of car collisions captured by someone with a dash camera. This however appears to be a daily occurrence in Russia and with a global phenomenon and fascination with you guessed it.. Russians and their Dash Cams. According to this interesting article by the Business Insider, in the year 2011 alone there were 200,000 traffic incidents, ultimately resulting in the death of 28,000…

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DashCam Captures Malicious Damage

At some stage of our lives we would of come across those people who have utilised and deliberately taken advantage of the visitor parking bay of a townhouse or apartment complex. Visitor bays are reserved for well.. guests, temporary visitors and not residents. What better way to vent your frustration then to covertly damage those vehicles by leaving a nasty message? Well this particular resident in Canada did just exactly that!. What he didn’t realise…

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