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Where to Mount Dash Camera?

We received some questions from customers pertaining to the installation and positioning of dashcams within the interior of the vehicle. Unlike a portable GPS Unit, affixing the car camera is vital to ensure complete coverage of either the front and / or rear vision is effectively captured. Over time, we’ve come across this subject countless times and without getting into detail.. people have positioned these units in the most bizarre locations! Depending on the size,…

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DashCam Captures Marriage Proposal

Who said dashcams were only useful for capturing road collisions, plane crashes, fake insurance scams, disputes and so forth? According to various news outlets online, an american man enlisted the help of his local police department to capture himself proposing to his girlfriend of four years after staging a dramatic fake arrest for an alleged outstanding warrant… yes talk about being clever! The story goes like this.. Boy meets girl four years ago in a…

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