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DashCams: The Random Acts of Kindness

Bet you’re thinking this will be another article on Russians and their DashCams. Well.. you’ve guessed right!… but nothing brutal, outrageous, dangerous or silly to the likes of capturing a marriage proposal in front of a police dashcam or idiots running in front of cars seeking to claim monetary compensation. If you haven’t figured out by now, there are countless car camera videos uploaded everyday pertaining to the crazy drivers and numerous roadway incidents that…

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Where to Mount Dash Camera?

We received some questions from customers pertaining to the installation and positioning of dashcams within the interior of the vehicle. Unlike a portable GPS Unit, affixing the car camera is vital to ensure complete coverage of either the front and / or rear vision is effectively captured. Over time, we’ve come across this subject countless times and without getting into detail.. people have positioned these units in the most bizarre locations! Depending on the size,…

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