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Dashcams and Police Use

We are now living in the digital era whereby everything we say and do in the pubic (and private) arena is captured by a camera. Every person with a portable mobile device is equipped with a camera and every street corner camera affixed to some discreet fixture is recording our every movement. The recording of video is at times pivotal to serve as a evidential source to help establish and identify those responsible for committing…

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Road Trauma Reduction, Young Drivers, Education and Strategies

Driving is a complex perceptual-motor skill, usually taking place in a complex environment. The first years of licensing also usually take place in the teenage years which bring with them a number of factors which impact on the safety of driving, young people therefore are most at risk of injuries because of their inquisitive and unpredictable behaviour (NSW Transport, 2012). Motor vehicle crashes are the single leading cause of death of youth both in Australia…

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