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Dashcams and Insurance Liability

Recently, I had the pleasure of helping one of our customers select a suitable dashcam for their personal everyday use. This valuable customer turned out to be a claims officer working at a prominent motor vehicle insurance company in Australia.  During our conversation, I queried about the general aspects of motor vehicle claims and what information or evidence could better help people succeed in winning their claims in the event they’re locked in a dispute over liability.…

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How to install Dashcam in Vehicle?

If you have recently purchased your first dashcam, or maybe wondering how the camera will be installed in your vehicle, car or truck, you may be pleased to know that installation is rather quick and straight forward. This method is also known as the ‘plug and play’ method whereby the dashcam will use the vehicle’s interior cigarette jack to be utilised as a power source to turn the dash camera on and off. If done…

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