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Best Dashcam for Uber Drivers

Uber is a global ride-sharing phenomenon taking the world by storm. The service is becoming increasingly popular amongst people who require a fast and cost effective means of private transport. On the flip side, the platform is also gaining momentum for drivers wanting to generate additional or supplementary income. However before venturing on a career path of becoming a professional Uber driver, there are a number of requirements and tools that will benefit you, and…

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Drive Safe during Christmas Holidays

Christmas holidays is one of the most busiest periods across metropolitan and regional areas in Australia. Individuals, friends and families flock onto the highways and major arterial roads to join their friends, family and loved ones for festive celebrations. For this very reason, there is a higher risk of operating a vehicle due to the a number of factors whether it be self contributory or from third party / other motorists. For the year 2015, ten (10) fatalities were reported in…

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